Unleashing a revolution in the world of debt recovery

The innovative repayment platform Dialoque wanted to revolutionise the world of debt recovery. To achieve this goal, they needed a strong brand identity that reflected their vision and values.

Dialoque differentiates itself from traditional debt recovery by focusing on the ‘debtor as person’. No threatening language, but a supportive approach with understanding and respect. Dialoque's visual language reflects its mission to provide a positive and supportive experience for people dealing with debt.

Debt recovery
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The visual identity we designed puts the platform on the map with a recognisable and approachable face. We thereby enabled Dialoque to set the new standard in the world of debt recovery.

Inspired by the insight that financial stress affects mental capacity, we placed simplicity and clarity at the forefront of the design process.

Dialoque does things differently from everyone else, abandoning the standard approach. And that includes a visual statement with a distinct colour palette, quirky typography and surprising icons.

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Dialoque Poster
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'I have worked with a lot of agencies in the past and I am really critical of suppliers, but I must say that my experience with you has exceeded my expectations. You are unique in the playful way that we arrived at the branding.'

Rody Heijstek, Co-founder Dialoque